East Lane Theatre, Vale Farm, Watford Road, Sudbury, Middlesex, HA0 3HG         Registered Charity Number 1183134

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General Notes on Auditioning for East Lane Theatre Club

Auditions are open to anyone over 18 (or 16 by arrangement)

East Lane is an amateur club. No payments are made for performing.

If this is your first time at East Lane, please also bring with you details of your past experience, a photo with your Full name, address, phone number and email so we can contact you later.

Auditions are as friendly and informal as possible, you will be asked to read from the provided

audition pieces, either singly or in groups, as well as moving around our stage.

There is no need to learn the pieces provided, and we do not ask for any learnt pieces to be performed.

We do ask that if cast you can make all the rehearsal & performance dates, although it is sometimes possible to accommodate pre arranged holidays. Please bring with you dates you cannot make.

To perform in a production you must be a Full paid up Member, and pay the casting fee £20 on the first rehearsal (which covers your script, insurance, tea & coffee etc)

We usually rehearse for 9 weeks, Monday  &  Thursday from 19.30 to 22.00

Productions weeks are:

Fri: Technical rehearsal

Mon: Dress rehearsal

Wed-Fri evenings production

Sat Matinee and evening production

Sunday Matineeproduction

I am excited to be directing this powerful, emotional play as our last production of this season. I am

looking for 2 dedicated actors, playing ages roughly early 50s (some flexibility either way, as the

author has taken most of the dates out of their back story) who are ready to work very hard with me

to bring this play from page to stage.

The play is set in 1988 in the kitchen/breakfast room of Robin Hesketh, a Tory M.P. and Diana

Hesketh, his wife. They seem ill-suited, as they spend much of the early part of the play locked in

sharp, savage, often very funny verbal combat. As the play proceeds, skeletons political and personal

come tumbling out of the cupboard until we finally learn the awful, moving truth about what has

gone so wrong in the marriage. The reveal of the truth suggests that there might be some hope for

the couple in the future.

Both parts are an actor’s dream; if I were 30 years younger, I’d be auditioning myself!

N.B. for those who aren’t sure, Hansard is the official record of what every M.P. has said in debates

and of how they have voted on legislation.

Audition pieces will be available at the reading, but if you cannot attend the reading, please

request them from me online. lindahampson40@gmail.com

To be considered for a part, you need to attend at least one audition.


This is a tight 7-week rehearsal period, but very doable with just 2 actors.

We will rehearse every Monday and Thursday, starting on June 3 rd. From Mon 24 th June,

there will be an additional third rehearsal each week, on days and times to be mutually

arranged between the director and actors.

This will bring the total number of rehearsals up to the “normal” number for an ELT production.

Key dates

Technical rehearsal Friday 19 th July, Get-in Sunday 21 July, Dress Monday 22, Performances

Weds 24- Sat 27 eves, Sat 27- Sun 28 matinees.

If you would like further information, or would like to be involved backstage,

I’m happy to chat. Tel0776 583 6313

Reading will be on Sunday 17th March @ 7.00pm

Auditions will be on Wednesday 20th March and  Friday 5th April @7.30



By Simon Woods