East Lane Theatre, Vale Farm, Watford Road, Sudbury, Middlesex, HA0 3HG


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General Notes on Auditioning for East Lane Theatre Club

East Lane is an amateur club. No payments are made for performing.

If this is your first time at East Lane, please also bring with you details of your past experience, a photo with your Full name, address, phone number and email so we can contact you later.

Auditions are as friendly and informal as possible, but you will be asked to read from the provided audition pieces, either singly or in groups, as well as moving around our stage.

There is no need to learn the pieces provided, and we do not ask for any learnt pieces to be performed.

We do ask that if cast you can make all the rehearsal & performance dates, although it is sometimes possible to accommodate pre arranged holidays. Please bring with you dates you cannot make.

To perform in a production you must be a Full paid up Member, and pay the casting fee on the first rehearsal (which covers your script, tea & coffee etc)

We usually rehearse for 9 weeks, Monday  &  Thursday from 19.30 to 22.00

Productions weeks are:

Mon: Tech

Tuesday: Dress

Thur-Sat production week 1

Sunday Matinee

Thur-Sat Production week 2

SMALL MERCIES by Melville Lovatt

20th August @ 7p.m.

Shop owner Donald and wife Andrea are desperate people with a failing business. They decide to pay an arsonist to set fire to their shop, so they can claim on the insurance, but there are two customers locked inside the shop.

Six Characters:

Doreen……..A woman in Late fifties

Arnold………A man in his early sixties

Andrea……..A woman in her mid-forties

Donald………A man in his late forties

Jamie……….A man in his early twenties

Donald’s Father……A man in his seventies

(Ages are for guide only, there is some flexibility)

Mel will be holding a reading of the play and casting from those present on Sunday 30th at 7.p.m.

HOUSE GUEST  by Francis Durbridge

9th to 18th November

Robert & Stella are horrified to learn that their young son has been kidnapped - not for ransom, as they are informed by the crook who visits them, but to force them to allow him to remain in their house for forty eight hours


Eight Characters:

Vivien Norwood ……..30 to 40

Jane Mercer………40 to 50

Stella Drury……..30’s

Robert Drury………30’s

Crozier……….50 to 60

Inspector Burford……50’s

Sergeant Clayton………40’s

Dorothy Medway……….30 to 50

(Ages are for guide only, there is some flexibility)

Bryan Hourihane  (Director) can be contacted on 020 8908 0136

Our next Audition dates are:

Sunday 30th July at 19.00 (Small Mercies)

Monday 7th August at 19.30 (House Guest)

Friday 18th August at 19.30 (House Guest)

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